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The “Brick and Mortar” A la Carte is gone, but A la Carte Culinary Services lives on. I recorded 15 videos from our high school language class programs. Click here for "Chow Lingo" information I can’t wait to see how you like it! 

I'm hosting kids classes in my home.  Contact me for information.

Take a Zoom class with me ... since it’s virtual, you can take a class with your sister from Oregon … or ...


I am also hosting private classes in my home for 1 to 4 people. Contact me for information.


Special needs classes are also available by appointment.


I am returning to my former life as a Food Consultant so I will be happy to help you with any culinary issues, whether corporate or individual.


And finally … I have begun putting my book together featuring A la Carte Favorites … both mine and yours.  So please keep the suggestions coming for that. 

Thank you for so many wonderful years of cooking together!  Please keep in touch … and keep cooking!


Bon Appetite!



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