Private Cooking Classes

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Let's keep cooking...

Click here for kids classes for the winter.

Zoom a class with me ...  it's lots of fun for everyone!

Click here for in-person privates for 1 to 4 people

Check out ChowLingo, featuring  "how to" videos from our popular high school language class field trips.  Subscribe, rent or buy.

...You don't have to be a language student to love it! 

I'll also teach you to make Louisiana Style Shrimp and Grits,  Caramelized Onion and Red Pepper Flatbread  and 

Salmon and Creamed Spinach Provencal and more on Lynbrook TV!  Channel 33 on Fios; 20 on Cablevision. Contact me for any recipes you may have missed!

Create your own personal healthy style by cooking

and serving delicious fresh food!

Polly Talbott, CCP

Hands-on and Virtual Private Cooking Classes
516-317-2075 for info
Corporate and Personal Food Consulting
Food Styling
“Experience shows that your first taste is with your eyes.”

By appointment, as needed.

Let's Talk.

Lynbrook, NY 11563

"What a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to connect. We enjoyed the time together, the learning experience and the food!"

Debra,  Valley Stream

"Not only did we have fun, and enjoy spending time together, but the food was also amazing!"

Sam Clemente, Lake Ronkonkoma